Create a Giving Tree and help the animals
Looking for something new and fun to do at work this holiday season?  Consider creating a Giving Tree!  Our ornaments feature pets from our shelter on one side, and an item we need printed on the other side.  Simply decorate the tree, including these ...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for all your support this past year!

Santa Paws is coming!

Your clutter equals cash!
Value Village offers a great way to get ready for the holidays and help out our community's homeless pets!

Cockfighting operation busted!
In April 2014, Animal Services was asked by the Washington State Gambling Commission to assist with their multi-agency warrant in response to neighbors' complaints about an alleged cockfighting operation.  Upon arriving at the Rochester residence, ...

Kitty Versus Bread Box
Who can't help but laugh at this silly kitty! Adopt a cat to get joy for many years. CLICK HERE to adopt one of our sweet girls!

It’s Howl-a-ween!
Protect your pets...and your trick-or-treaters!

Animal abuser convicted of cruelty!
In October of 2013, a 12-year old Yorkie arrived at a veterinarian’s office with a broken back. The injuries were extensive and the dog was suffering, so the poor little guy was euthanized. What had happened? The owner explained that during a fight, her ...

Who got adopted today?
I did!  Two of us bunnies adopted in two days - Hip Hop Hooray! There are two more of us available in the bunny room. Come visit us tomorrow - visiting hours on Saturdays are 9:30-4:00 with adoptions stopping at 3:30. Have a great Friday night!

Two dogs with laptop
Check out our new website!
We are so excited about our new website and hope you enjoy it too! Feel free to poke around, explore the pages and read Cal’s new blog. We’re still working out a few bugs, so we appreciate your patience.