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Spay/Neuter Help

Do you live within Thurston County and have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered? Are you a little short on funds to pay for the surgery? We can help.

Dogs and cats can be safely spayed or neutered at 3 months of age, which is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Humane Education Society. If you have a dog or cat needing this service, please select one of the following:

SNAP Application
Currently unavailable.

Thurston County Humane Society
Please call us at 360-352-2510 to check on availability.  If a voucher is available, we will schedule an appointment for you to come to the Shelter to pick up your voucher. You will need photo ID with your current Thurston County address (or some other proof of current address). There is a limited number each month.

Concern for Animals
Please contact them directly for assistance.

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center
Tacoma area low-cost spay/neuter program (not limited to Tacoma residents.)

If you have questions, please call us at the Shelter at (360) 352-2510.

Spaying or neutering your pet:

  1. Prevents unwanted pregnancies and litters;
  2. Prevents uterine cancer and pyometra in females and testicular cancer in dogs, since it completely removes the reproductive organs;
  3. Prevents pets from roaming to look for a “mate;”
  4. Prevents unwanted pets from being euthanized in overcrowded shelters.

10 Myths about Spaying and Neutering your Pet