Kitty Versus Bread Box
Who can't help but laugh at this silly kitty! Adopt a cat to get joy for many years. CLICK HERE to adopt one of our sweet girls!

It’s Howl-a-ween!
Protect your pets...and your trick-or-treaters!

Animal abuser convicted of cruelty!
In October of 2013, a 12-year old Yorkie arrived at a veterinarian’s office with a broken back. The injuries were extensive and the dog was suffering, so the poor little guy was euthanized. What had happened? The owner explained that during a fight, her ...

Who got adopted today?
I did!  Two of us bunnies adopted in two days - Hip Hop Hooray! There are two more of us available in the bunny room. Come visit us tomorrow - visiting hours on Saturdays are 9:30-4:00 with adoptions stopping at 3:30. Have a great Friday night!