Volunteer to safe dogs; a dog licks a woman

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Animal Services, located in Olympia, WA!

Animal Services looks for dedicated, long-term volunteers.

Unable to volunteer at the Shelter?

Would you like to help the animals, but are too young to volunteer at the shelter or you don’t have the time?  Don’t worry, there are many ways to help the animals cared for by Animal Services.  Here are some ideas, but feel free to think of your own!

Foster homes are needed to care for animals in your own home.  Click HERE for more information.


We always need SUPPLIES and money to properly care for all the animals that enter our shelter each week.  With all the economic problems our community and country currently face, homeless animals and their needs are often overlooked.  We can always use blankets, towels, quality canned and dry pet food and other pet supplies.  Like most shelters, our greatest need is money–medication and veterinary care are costly.  We appreciate any  support you can offer!

Donations can be dropped off at or sent to:
Animal Services, 3120 Martin Way, Olympia, WA  98506.
You can also donate by phone at (360) 352-2510.  Please have your credit card ready.


Please make sure you have permission from your school/office before beginning a fundraiser.

Organize a Walk-a-thon: Organize a walk-a-thon in your neighborhood or at your school/office.  To hold a walk-a-thon, simply invite others to participate in collecting donations from friends and family, and walk on the event day!

Hold a Wish List Drive: Click on our current WISH LIST to find out what supplies are needed and hold a donation drive to collect those items.  Advertise at your school/office or in your neighborhood and put a marked collection container in a busy area for people to see. Get a few representatives to take the supplies to Shelter and see the animals who will benefit from your hard work.  You can also hold specific drives such as a used towel drive or food drive.

Some groups have received permission from local businesses (Petco, Petsmart, etc.) to hold a fundraising drive at their store.  They handed out fliers listing the Shelters needs to shoppers heading into the store.  Please contact the EDUCATION & VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR if you would like a sample of the flier.

Coin Drive: Hold a coin drive with a clever name such as Pennies for Pets, Dimes for Dogs or Cash for Cats.  Place canisters in your classroom/office to collect money for the animals.

Giving Tree: Decorate a small tree with our special ornaments, then ask friends, family and co-workers to select an ornament from the tree.  Each ornament lists an item the shelter animals need.  Then have them purchase and drop off the gift under your tree.  If you are in need a bigger list of ornaments please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.  Here’s a link to our Shorter Winter Giving Tree packet.

Birthday Donations: Ask that friends and family make a donation to the Shelter instead of birthday gifts.

Other Ideas: You can also hold car washes, bake sales or other events to raise money for the animals.

Even More Ways to Help Animals

Tell People about the Shelter: If someone you know is considering getting a pet, encourage them to come to the Shelter. We not only have dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, we also often have rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and sometimes birds! Check out our adoption page link to adoptable animals to see some of the currently available animals.

Keep pets and people together: Do you know someone who is sick or a senior citizen in need of some help? Why not help them by feeding, walking or brushing their pet? It can be fun for everyone and might help that person keep their pet.

Spread the Word about Important Animal Issues: Add a tagline to your e-mail signature that gets out important messages about spay/neuter, adopting a shelter pet, etc.

Organize an Animal Awareness Week: An animal awareness week in a school, or with the entire community, will encourage animal lovers to spread the word about the importance of being kind to all living things. Be Kind to Animals Week starts on the first Monday of each May, but feel free to choose your own week!

Be Creative: Design a poster about pet overpopulation or pet safety, and post it on a bulletin board at your school/office.  Create and post a pet of the week poster that features one of our adoptable animals. Create a newsletter, blog, or website about animals.

Come up with your own idea! If you have questions, please contact the Volunteer & Foster Team at volunteer@jointanimalservices.org