Who got adopted today?
I did!  Two of us bunnies adopted in two days - Hip Hop Hooray! There are two more of us available in the bunny room. Come visit us tomorrow - visiting hours on Saturdays are 9:30-4:00 with adoptions stopping at 3:30. Have a great Friday night!

Two dogs with laptop
Check out our new website!
We are so excited about our new website and hope you enjoy it too! Feel free to poke around, explore the pages and read Cal’s new blog. We’re still working out a few bugs, so we appreciate your patience.

Dog Jumping at Leaves
Get ready for Fall!
Autumn! That glorious in-between season with trees shedding gold and red, dewy mornings and crisp, campfire-scented evenings. It's also the perfect time to start preparing for winter. Instead of waiting for the rains to start and a cold snap to sneak up ...

Dogs hugging each other
June Episode: Best Friend’s
If you've missed the June airing of best friends, you can see it right here on our new website!

A dog having a microchip implant
Microchipping your Pet
Animal Services has been microchipping pets for adoption since 1992. Chips are a great way to provide backup identification to pet licenses and we highly recommend the practice. Many veterinarians provide microchipping for pets, so check with your vet. ...

Cute Kitty!
Adopted today!
Thanks for a great Wednesday. We'll wrap up the day with his handsome guy who found his forever home today! Just look at those eyes. Who could resist?

A dog jumping in the swimming pool
It’s summer! Keep your pet safe.
This summer is hot - really hot! Let’s keep our pets cool and safe by following some basic tips: 1. Never leave your pets in your parked car – not even for a few minutes. The interior of your car on a 75° day can reach 94° in just 10 minutes. In 20 ...

A cat looks outside of the window
Why your cat stares are FIERCE
It is probably not uncommon to see your cat staring out the window (dogs too for that matter!) We found an interesting article to explain the whys and hows of cat staring! In a review of enrichment practices, Sarah Ellis (2009) says that windows with ...

a sphynx cat with green eyes
Is your cat bare naked?
  We bet you didn't know how many cat breeds there are in the US so we thought we'd share these fun facts with you: The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA) recognizes 73 cat breeds while the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) ...

wedding of cats; beautiful dresses
Cats Dress Up, or pictures that we love
  Here at Lacey Animal Services we are animal lovers. That is why when we find an image that tickles our fancy, we just HAVE to post it! Hope you get as much fun out of our images as we do!