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Lost + Found

NEW:  ONLINE Reporting of Lost and Found Pets!

COVID-19 Procedure Change:  While we are on limited services due to social distancing requirements, we have modified our Lost and Found Procedures. Instead of needing to come to the Shelter to see the strays we have here, as well as the reports for lost and found pets, we have created Lost and Found Albums on Our Facebook Page

How do I find my lost pet?

Come to the shelter’s Lost and Found Center so you can:

  1. Look at photos of stray pets that are in the shelter.
  2. Check the Found reports filed by the public who have found a stray pet and are keeping it at home.
  3. File a Lost report so the public can contact you if they think they’ve found your pet.

From home you can:

  1. Check the shelter’s Lost Pet Hotline at (360) 352-2510. The hotline is a brief description of all the stray animals that have come into the shelter over the previous four days. It is updated every morning.
  2. Check Facebook – Thurston County has several Lost & Found pages
  3. Check Craig’s List for found reports and place a lost report.
  4. Put up posters, including a photo, in the area where the pet was lost.

We recommend you check shelter listings at least every two days! By law, stray animals that are not claimed by their owners may be made available for adoption after being held in the shelter for 48 hours.

Also, please note that shelter staff are not able to check Lost and Found reports, or to identify animals over the phone. It is the owner’s responsibility to identify their own pet in person.

Lost Pet Hotline: (360) 352-2510, option 5

I found a pet…now what do I do?

If you have found a stray animal, he/she should be taken to the shelter closest to the location where the animal was found. This will increase the likelihood that the animal will be reunited with his/her family and safely returned home.

We provide service for Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and unincorporated Thurston County. If the pet was found somewhere else, please contact the animal shelter in the city/county it was found. If the animal is from our service area, you have several options:

If you wish to keep the pet while you are looking for the owner, please call the shelter at (360) 352-2510 to leave a Found Pet Report.  Staff will ask you a few questions, such as the breed of the animal, when and where you found it, and your contact information. Please  bring the pet to the Shelter or a local veterinary clinic to be scanned for an identification microchip and to be photographed. You do not have to leave the pet when you do so.

I think my pet is at the shelter.  What do I need to do?

Please contact the Shelter immediately–pets can be reclaimed even when we’re closed! See reclaim hours here. By law, unclaimed pets may be made available for adoption 48 hours after arriving at the Shelter.