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Colby – Adopted in December 2019
She’s been the best blessing in our life! My husband who didn’t want a dog has been best friends with her from the very beginning. I can’t thank you enough!! The process was so fast getting her and bringing her to that forever home she needed. ~Jenna


Wallace – Adopted in July 2023 Omg where to START! This sweet boy was totally unplanned, but is SO loved. Six days after me and my partner moved from Alaska to here we decided to stop by the shelter just to “window shop”…obviously that didn’t work. Right when we came in we saw our sweet boy. 8yr old Stray with almost all his teeth pulled. We knew immediately he had to come home with us. So up we packed him brought him to his new home and soon enough he was completely adjusted and a total love bug. Sweetest man ever. So soft and absolutely LOVES to sit around all day with you and do nothing but sleep. Literally he sleeps all day. He is so loved by us! ~Hunter Alexander

Calvary and Desperaux – Adopted in October 2020
Desperaux is named after his bravery. He loves to be outside and will take a nap anywhere, couch, hallway, kitchen mat, etc. Calvary is great for a snuggle, often we find him with a stuffed kitten, carrying it by the scruff and then dipping its head in the cat food trying to make it eat. Calvary is grey with black stripes and Desperaux is black and fluffy. ~Johanna

ZOEY – Adopted about 10 years ago- Zoey is an amazing girl. We thought she was a Pit mix. DNA says German Shepherd..shar pei..boxer mix. She has turned out to be an amazing Nana dog to our special needs grandchild. She alerts to us when the bus arrives. Keeps an eye on her. She loves saying hi to all children. The school bus gets her lots of pets. She loves to play ball and is such a good girl…thank you so much.

Domino & Buzz – Adopted in Domino Oct 2018, Buzz Sept 2019
Domino & Buzz were both adopted from the shelter about a year apart. Their personalities are very different- Domino (fluffy tuxedo) is a slow-moving gal who loves napping, food, and lounging, while Buzz (sleek black kitty) is energetic, playful, curious, athletic, and loves to get into trouble. My husband and I were both frontline workers during the pandemic, with me being a nurse and him being a case manager. I don’t know how we would have gotten through the last several years without our sweet and entertaining kitties to come home to. They are truly members of our family and we love them so much.  ~Grace

Ripley – Adopted in 12/15/2021
My retirement gift to myself was to adopt a second German Shepherd. Last December, I thought I was going to the Olympia Animal Shelter to see a young male (I was at the wrong shelter), so met Ripley instead. She had been at the shelter since September. My sister and I loved Ripley on first sight. Ripley was about 20 pounds underweight, anxious, and a little aggressive with my older German Shepherd.
Over the last year she has figured out she LOVES her big sister, has gained about 23 pounds, and is a loving (and extremely intelligent) girl. We walk to the Ft Steilacoom off-leash park every single morning (logging in 3-4 miles daily- good for “Mom” and big sister too), she’s an avid ball chaser (thank goodness for Chuckits!) and has turned out to be super loving and well behaved (mostly…).
Ripley sleeps with me every night and I love her so, so much. So glad I showed up at the wrong shelter!  ~Karen


Daytona – Adopted in December 2011
Daytona was our very first foster failure, over 10 years ago now. She was the craziest kitten in her litter and we were a little worried about her potential new home handling her energy. Over the last decade she has helped raise and socialize nearly 200 cats and kittens and of course kept us humans in line. She is a heckin’ chonk these days and runs the household. We are blessed to be her humans.

Penelope – Adopted in June 2021
When we first met Penny, she was the most miserable little thing I’d ever seen. I’d fallen in love with her when I first saw her on the website, and despite her hiding under her towels the whole time we were there to meet her she still managed to steal both mine and my partner’s hearts. It was rough for the first few months – no matter how many boxes or extra pillows we put under the bed, she always managed to find some little hole to shove herself into, and she only really came out at night to eat her dinner. But we gave her her space, as much or as little attention as she wanted, and plenty of treats to show we cared. And now, almost a year later, she feels comfortable enough to curl up on my lap and fall asleep. She loves to sit up on her cat tree and watch birds go by the window, but she’s just as happy to sit on the couch and let us brush her, or look over our shoulders to see what we’re doing. She’s one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met, and I’m so so thankful to have found her.

Vanellopé Von Schweets – Adopted in September 2019
Vanellopé was our first guinea pig ever. She loved to hang out in our laps, eat her veggies, and rumblestrut her way around her cage mates to let them know who was boss! Her personality was as big as her heart – she loved to have her ears and chin rubbed.

Tim Teboe – Adopted in September 2018Shelter estimated that Tim was 2-3 years old when I adopted him. He can be quite demanding when he wants to be fed but he has a big purr and an even bigger heart!

Missy – Adopted in February 2009
I actually adopted her for my kids mom but she wanted to stay with me. So I ended up keeping her. Best decision I ever made. That little dog greatly improved my life. Showed me how to love. I had her until just recently 12/13/2021 when I had to do the hardest thing ever and let her go. ~Mike

Draco Malfoy – Adopted September 2021
We got Draco from the local shelter in Olympia after originally arranging to look at a different dog. We’d seen the picture of Draco on the site, but I was initially looking for an older dog, not a pup. We ended up asking to see Draco and it was basically love at first sight between him and my daughter. We’re still learning about one another, but he’s such a happy and derpy dude! As you can see by the pictures, he’s made himself right at home with us. ~Randi

Hunter Anton – Adopted in December 2016
My daughter and I adopted Hunter from the local shelter shortly after I closed on our first house. He was only around 10 months old at the time and very vocal about being in the cage. We have had him now almost 5 yrs and he is a very large and happy boy. He is super attached to me in particular and follows me everywhere. He has to be in my bubble at all times. ~Randi

When we met Mely she won us over immediately with her sweet personality, but we had no idea exactly how much of a cuddle bug she would turn out to be! She is extremely playful and loving, and she’s even been spotted snuggling with our other cat and dog. ~Miranda

Baxter Binx is a long hair tuxedo cat with big personality. He has learned to ring a bell to request treats. He likes to be involved in everything, watching each task we do, even sitting on the edge of the washer as laundry goes in. He completely charmed our elderly cats and sleeps with them. He’s an amazing cat. ~Rachel (adopted December 2019)

We adopted Stevie (an unnamed stray) on April 8 and I just wanted to let you  know how much we love her. She had her first check up with the vet today and she’s as healthy as a horse, bright, friendly, and 2- 3 years old. She is very smart, learned her new name in 2 days flat and quickly settled into our home. She’s very expressive, fascinated by the TV and computer, loves to chase a ball and play tug-of-war and has boundless energy, until it’s time to snuggle down in the evening and then she’s a lovebug.  All in all, we’re so happy with Stevie, and so thankful for the work you do.

Buttons and Clementine – I have always been in love with rabbits.  I regularly drive and visit Thurston County Animal Services, when going to seek medical treatment for my depression.  Every time, left my appointments, I would go (and still go) in to the small animal room, to pet the rabbits.  One of my visits in December of 2011, there was a white and black rex buck, who became our “Buttons.”  Buttons was my husband and I first furry rabbit child.  The first night Buttons was in his new home, he binky and ran with joy.  He was my study buddy while I was working on my Masters.  We were just what each other needed.  Unfortunately, due to my ignorance about intestinal stasis, Buttons passed away.  Heartbroken, I never wanted to be the cause of another rabbit’s untimely death.  Buttons was to be my first and last rabbit.  That never did stop me from visiting the small animal room.  Just as before, I would go in to the small animal room, to pet the rabbits after receiving treatment for depression.  Over the several months, I visited the small animal room, and rabbits would come and go.  Weeks and months of visiting led me to realize a doe Flemish Giant had been there for a long time and needed a home.  My husband and I adopted the doe and named her “Clementine.” She is my princess and had been a welcome blessing.  Thanks to her, I feel less depressed and more loved!!!

My partner and I visited the shelter on a weekend just as a “why not?” two years ago today (Sep 19). We had been talking about getting a dog for a few months and thought we’d take the next step in the process. We knew we would adopt and we knew we would wait to find the right fit. We also were absolutely sure we would never get a small dog. My mom had a chihuahua and that was just not for us. We visited with all the dogs in the kennels that day- at least 5. We weren’t going to visit the 5 year old, tiny, black dog because we knew we weren’t going to take him home. The facility was closing and as we walked by the kennel of the tiny black dog, he was climbing the cage to say hello. I realized we had played with every dog there except this one. We couldn’t leave without just a short visit. We took him outside and he wouldn’t stop kissing us and rolling over for belly rubs. He picked us. We looked at each other and knew we couldn’t leave him there. We slept on it and nervously made the HUGE commitment to adopt that sweet boy into our family. He has absolutely won our hearts. He has so much spunk, is so happy and comfy in his home that he is now learning to share with his 1 year old lab sister. He is the most loyal and lovable creature on the planet. I am so happy we gave him a chance!

fenwayJust thought you should know the little grey and white kitten we adopted Saturday could not be a better fit for our family. He is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! His new name is Fenway. – Thank you

chanza2In July 2002 I adopted a very exuberant shepherd mix. She was about 4 months old and had been a stray chasing goats out in Yelm. 13 years later she is happy and healthy. We’ve made a million memories together. These days she has 2 cats that she plays with…and naps with! – Elizabeth

story1We adopted “Lancelot” (now “Chester Cheeto”), on Friday, February 8. Two days in, he has completely won over our daughter, who insists Chester lays on HER lap when we watch TV. He settled right in, made friends with our 110 pound great Pyrenees mix, and is giving the other cats plenty of space. He is just the right fit to fill the void left by the unexpected passing of our youngest kitty. He is perfect! My son’s next service project plan is to do a food drive for the shelter. -Kristin

story2123I was looking far and wide for my first dog in my new home. As a first time dog owner, I was worried about my ability to be a good leader for a new dog. I went into the shelter multiple times for months, trying to find the right fit for my home. Finally, in November of 2014, I met Kimi, (her previous name at the shelter was “Petri”, but my partner and I wanted to rename her since she didn’t seem to respond to it). She was a beautiful Doberman-Hound mix, and had enough energy to go around. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our life, and I appreciate every second I have with her. She is definitely my furbaby. She is so lovable and sweet, and MAN, does she love the dog park! -Brandi & Frank

story3In June, I had just moved to Olympia from Columbus, Ohio–and things weren’t going so well. So my grandmother decided to take me to see all the cute fluffy animals at  Animal Services. I really, really wanted a small kitten, so we browsed and petted and gave lovins to each cute furry little face. One small, sleeping tabby kitten caught my eye. The moment I held her, I knew there was no going back and no change of heart. This sweet little fluffy kitty was gonna be with me. She is very active and full of energy and love. I don’t know what kind of situation she came from, but we are blessed to have her with us.I want to thank all of the workers for their patience and kindness toward not only the animals, but with us indecisive adopters, too! -Ari

Nova, a loving tom cat, on diferent picturesWe adopted Nova Sept 2014. When we went in to check the cats for adoption, this handsome guy caught our eye. I opened his cage to pet him and he immediately came up and rubbed his head against mine–he was such a lover. So we brought him home and he has been such a wonderful addition to the family. He loves our kids and dog–he’s a great fit! -Kayla S

story5I had a hour in between jobs on August 22 and thought I’d go down to the shelter and see if there were any puppies to play with–I haven’t had a dog in some time and missed being around them. When I walked in, there were about 4 big barking dogs and a tiny pomeranian not barking but jumping up and down in the kennel. He wanted out so badly, I took him out to play with him for a bit and before I knew it, I knew I had to adopt him. Simba’s a perfect fit at home and came to us completely potty trained and knows a bunch of tricks. The kids just love him. Shelter pets rock!Thank you Thurston County animal shelter. -Jen

Lili lies on the couchWe adopted Lili in May 2014 just wanted to say thank you so much for our Lili girl! We couldn’t possibly imagine not having her anymore. She is doing wonderful after the surgeries she went through pre-adoption and is now very spoiled!

Jack and Pepper asleepJack, Jordan and Pepper waiting for food
We got Jack and Jordan in Jan. 2011. They were there together. I can’t remember why, but I think their owner had to move. We were so happy to be able to take both of them. Jordan is so shy, I am not sure how he would have done without his Jack. We found out over the next few days that Jack and Jordan were very popular at the shelter–we had multiple people approach us and tell us they went in and visited them at the shelter. These two are the best dogs anyone could ever ask for.We got Pepper (originally Grace) exactly one year later. She is a blue tick coonhound. Her, her momma and a few brothers and sisters were found roaming the trail in Yelm. She was so shy and timid, she just rolled up in a ball and shivered in the corner. Oh boy, did she come out of her shell! She’s a ball of fire and holds her own with her two big brothers, Jack and Jordan. She has also turned into a perfect little dog. Thank you for all you do. -Amy

Sissy passed away at the age of 18We adopted Sissy from your shelter 10 years ago. I had come to the shelter looking for a kitten. One of the volunteers had Sissy out of the cage and was brushing her long beautiful calico hair. Sissy was walking back and forth, purring up a storm wanting more. She kept rubbing up against a guinea pig cage on the counter, totally ignoring the guinea pig inside. I knew right then and there that she was the one! My daughters were surprised when I walked in the door, not with a kitten, but an 8 year old cat. But Sissy loved everyone, so loving and good natured. She buttered the girls up within minutes and quickly became family. Our sweet Sissy passed away last night at the age of 18. I don’t regret for one second my decision to adopt an older cat, and we are saddened at losing her, but so blessed to have had her in our lives for the last 10 wonderful years. Thanks for the memories. -the Lindsay Family

Big Boy (BB) is a pleasure to spend time withIn June of 2013, our family was looking for a new companion since our “old kitty” had passed on in October. My daughter and I went to the Thurston Co. Animal Services website to look for a new friend. A few pictures of cats caught our interest, but then, towards the bottom of the page, there was BB (Big Boy). A 17 lb. grey tabby with white boots accompanied by a description that helped make up our minds. We came in on a Saturday to meet BB, and although he was shy, we were immediately captured by his soulful eyes. We toured through the shelter to make sure we were making the right decision, and there was no other animal that compared to the big cat. We brought him home and my daughter has had a new best friend all Summer. BB has settled into our home and his personality provides hours of entertainment.

A ero, a sweet baby girl who loves to fetchMy husband and I adopted this sweet girl from you guys about 3 weeks ago, we named her Aero! She fits in great with our family, loves her brothers and sisters, and of course fetch! She will play fetch for HOURS. We have taken her on hikes and to the dog park and she is just so social and happy! We feel so lucky to have her!

story12We adopted Dexter, a polydactyl cat, about a month ago and heВ has been the best cat ever. He’s so happy to have a home and incredibly patient with our 2 small children. He loves to play and run around the house like a lunatic. He is more like a dog than a cat as he much prefers to be in our company at all times, including sleeping and napping right next to us! Thank you for finding him on the streets and providing a place for him to stay until he found his forever home. Warm regards, the Shelfer Family.

story13This is our handsome big guy we named Brutus, adopted May 2013! I came in just to visit the animals one day when I noticed there was one more kennel with an information sheet hanging on it. I took a closer look and there he was, a big dark intimidating-looking tabby. With treats in hand, I talked nicely to him and gained his trust. He quickly pushed his big giant head into my hand and started rubbing against me. I had that feeling in my gut–he belonged with us. I brought him home and he was so scared he cried the whole way. But as soon as we opened the cage and got him in our laps, he turned to the biggest sweetheart of a lover. How could anyone abandon this guy? He is such a big sweet lover–he drools a little, but that’s ok. He has been very therapeutic for my husband, who had a very hard year with many deaths in his family. We are so thankful we found this great guy and could give him a loving forever home. He is now a truly spoiled and loved member of our family & I wanted to share our story and to remind everyone to please adopt! And give a senior pet another chance for a great life! Keep up all the good work you do & thank you again for another wonderful adoption experience. -Crystal & Amaris

story14This was our dog Krystal that we adopted in the summer of 1996. She was a malamute/border collie mix. We got her when she was about 6 months old. She was the most wonderful pet for our family. Fun, loving, playful, and gentle, she was an amazing dog. She loved going on walks, playing in the snow, and going to the beach.  She wanted to be anywhere that we were. She lived to be 15 years old, which was amazing. We had to put her to sleep right before Thanksgiving because she had a hard time walking, and it was clear that she was declining rapidly. Our whole family was with her when she passed away. We are very thankful for the love, companionship, and fun that she gave to us. We will be adopting another dog very soon! -The Geyen Family

story15My name is Pepsi (named after my human Grandpas favorite drink). Mom and Dad picked me out on December 23rd and brought me home after I had a visit to the vet to be spayed the next Monday. In my new home there is another cat with whom I like to play, and two dogs, one of whom I have decided is my own–she is a 90 pound Rottador (rottweiler/lab mix) adopted 6 years ago. Her job is to let me play with her tail and ears and to give me a bath when necessary.
I have a lovely sun porch (I am trying to let the humans know it is actually a CATIO) where I can watch the birds outside and catch any flies that get in.
I have a very important job as shower safety officer. No one can take a shower without supervision from me–Pepsi–shower cat. No, I don’t get INTO the shower; my mom and dad gave me a shelf with a comfy towel to keep an eye on everything, although I do enjoy playing in the water bowl with my foot.
When I first came home I was to be petted by appointment only. The other cat had to play with me by appointment only. This meant if you didn’t make an appointment I may have to give a love pat to remind you. However, now I have decided that spontaneous petting is allowed and no appointment is needed. My human mom taught me that a clicker means it is dinner time and to come to her if she is looking for me’hey, maybe to play with my toy mouse or a kitty treat…cool.
Well it’s been nice sharing with you, however I have noticed a fly in the CATIO’ and oh, there is a bird outside the window I must keep an eye on. I like to talk to the birds with a popping sound from my mouth Meow for now =^..^=  -Pepsi

story16We thought we’d send a picture of us with Samuel Adams, our pup that we adopted 4 1/2 years ago. Sam is a wonderful dog–we love him to death. He is such a lover and he really loves going EVERYWHERE with us. Thanks for all you do. -The Osborne family

story17“Don’t want a male, but will put the word out” was my answer to Animal Services when contacted about a male Bloodhound they had for adoption. A few weeks later, a friend of mine said, “You need to go look at a Bloodhound Animal Services has.” “Don’t want a male” was my reply. “You need to go look at him,” she said. So, I sighed and said, “Ok, I’ll swing by and look at him.” Famous last words.Hitch did his first short trail (track) within a week after his arrival, quickly working around the 3 turns the ‘subject’ made even though the subject was asked not to lay turns for a ‘green’ dog…in short, I haven’t been this ecstatic with a working dog since my first narcotics rescue, a Redbone Hound mix. We love this boy so very much, and he goes pretty much everywhere with me. Hitch came home in January 2012. By July 2012, Hitch proved he was worthy of being adopted for his SAR work alone…he passed his Urban Certification for SAR (mile long trail that is at least 12 hours old ~ winding through streets, across yards, down alleys and to the woods)! I guess the point of this story is, I learned not to be limited by a decision to only adopt one gender or one breed. Hitch is so smart and has a hilarious personality, as well as having a strong work ethic. We love this boy, thank you so very much for taking good care of him after rescuing him! -the Thomas-Blake family

story18I’m so glad I gave in to my husband’s and sons’ plead to adopt our beautiful Oakley – can’t picture our lives without him! We visited the pound every weekend in Nov 2009 searching for a brother/ sister for our chihuahua Oreo andВ our 2 sons.  My family gravitated towards this pitbull in the back crate but I was determined to find another little one like my baby Oreo! I said no and left the pound. We went back 2 weeks later and the pitbull was still there! My husband didn’t want to leave the pound without this pitbull but I was just worried of how Oreo would take it! With faith and prayers, I went back on my own the day before Thanksgiving and adopted Oakley. He’s a wonderful addition to our family – a great little brother to Oreo and our boys! He’s loving and very smart – he taught little Oreo how to go outside to potty since Oreo would just use puppy pads. Oreo passed away recently and life hasn’t been the same for Oakley and our family. They just loved each other to death- Oakley was Oreo’s warm blankie on the couch!  We hope to find another little addition to our family thru the pound again. Thank you again for being there for these beautiful creatures! -the Atualevao family

Bubba, a pit bull/lab mix, as a babyI adopted baby Bubba in July 2010 at 9 weeks old. Bubba was listed as a pit bull/lab mix, and as a lover of both breeds, how could I resist him it was love at first sight. A year and a half later, I can tell you that he is one of the most loving and gentle dogs I have ever owned. When I come home from work, he sits on my lap facing me, places a front paw on my shoulders, rests his head on my head and hugs me for as long as I’ll hug him back. He loves to be hugged, held and touched by everyone, and will snuggle up with our cats when I’m busy. To the person who left Bubba and his siblings in the shelter’s night drop and not abandoned somewhere they wouldn’t be rescued, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine my life without Bubba in it. To the shelter, thank you for placing baby Bubba in my care, he truly is my baby boy. -Linda

story20We adopted an 8 week old kitten almost 2 years ago in June and named her Layla. I stumbled upon your shelter on my lunch break, hoping to just look and right away this little tiny kitty had my heart. She has been the most loyal, loving, cuddly and rambunctious cat with a ton of personality. She is pure entertainment. Some days I think she is a dog because she comes to you when you call her and plays fetch with her green mouse. We love her dearly and can’t imagine a better cat than our little Layla. -Cameron and Amanda

story21I adopted Baby in October 2009.  He needed surgery to remove one eye and has medicine for his remaining eye for life. Baby lives with Lola, who thinks I adopted Baby just for her to mother–Lola washes and sleeps with Baby. He is very entertaining and his limited eye site doesn’t stop him from doing anything. -the McNamara family

story22Whiskey came to our home on Beacon Hill in Seattle in November 2011. He was a very energetic seven years “young,” eager to please. He quickly settled into the routine of the house within two days. He is a good dog, and I am afraid we spoil him. He has an upstairs bed and a downstairs bed, plus pride of place on the sofa in the den, and a special perch at the front window where he catches some rays during the day. Whiskey was transferred to SPDR in November to find his new forever family–and he did! >>We take him for walks around the neighborhood twice a day, and he has the run of the enclosed backyard. He has met the “cousins” and the neighbors, and he has proven himself to be a “gentle-dog” and a charmer.  He has been told that he is welcome anytime.

story23I just want to say how truly grateful I am for the services you provide. I adopted an amazing and loving cat last week. She came out of her spay surgery really well В and has just been the most loving cat I’ve ever known, effortlessly adapting to the new environment. We spend several hours a day together and it’s heaven.-Alan

story24This is Lulu, the fox terrier we adopted a few weeks ago. She’s a great dog, good friends with the grandkids, and no more problems with housebreaking – just another success story! Thanks, we are very happy to have her.-The Hinkle Family

story25A couple weeks before Christmas, I came into your shelter hoping to find the perfect feline to complete the home I have with my daughter.В While there were many beautiful cats available and longing for a loving family, your gorgeous Himalayan/Persian caught my eye.В She was so sweet, affectionate, laid back, and so very easy on the eyes…I couldn’t believe she hadn’t been adopted! Since bringing her home, she has happily become accustomed to the daily adoration and affection we provide and soaks up all the pampering we can muster.В We have even taken her to Portland to see family and found that she is quite a wonderful road trip companion!В Thank you so much for allowing us to provide Dinah the life she so greatly deserved– we love her immensely!-The Jennings Family

story26I adopted a small, black kitten in October 2010. He was underweight and shy, but something about him made it impossible for me not to take him home. Izzy has become an energetic, loving cat with loads of personality – he knows how to fetch and catch toys. Adopting him was the best decision!-McKenzie

story27Around 2006 I went in to “just look around.” I saw one of the weirdest looking cats. She wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but I fell in love with her immediately. I opened the cage and found the most interesting cat. She was tiny, like a kitten but was almost a year old. She had just had kittens that were all adopted, and she had been there for a while. I started to pet her and she rubbed on my hand and was purring…and drooling. She was so happy. I loved her. She is the sweetest thing in the world and my view of not thinking she was a cute cat has completely changed – I think she is beautiful. Thank you for letting her be a part of my family!-Zhoey.

Chester Cheeto, known as Lancelot, sleepsChester the kitten in the sinkWay back in 2000, I went to the shelter to see about adopting a kitten. I found a scrappy brown tabby with a white chest and paws and took him out of his cage. I held him like a baby and he put his little paw up to my face – that was it, I was sold. Needless to say, we adopted him and brought him home where he proceeded to climb up our sheer curtains!! But now, 11 years later, Chester is one of the best companions I’ve ever had. Even though he’s a grumpy curmudgeon, he’s a wonderful pet. He loves to sleep between me and my husband and loves to be held tightly. Thank you for providing such a wonderful companion!-the Brooks family

story29This is our wonderful dog we adopted from you back in May 2010. He will be a year old in January and we are very excited! We were so lucky to have found him at your shelter and even more lucky to have put in our application for adoption first, as another couple was looking into getting him as well. Maybe we’ll get him a sister from your shelter too! Thank you for giving this animal a second chance to have a great home and a better life!-the Waynick family

story30We adopted our precious kitty in November. I had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while, and when I saw his picture featured on the shelter website, I knew I wanted to meet him. We brought home this beautiful boy that same day. We call him Perry, and he has made himself right at home in our family. He rubs up against us when he wants attention, likes to sit in the windowsill, plays with boot laces, patiently lets our boys pet him, and likes to pounce on the area rug in the hallway. We all adore our little Perry!-the Wilson family

story31We adopted Layla in July and just LOVE her! She is a sweet, good little cat and makes a nice companion for our other cat. We have spoiled her rotten, and she has gained weight and has grown hair around the previous bald spots she had around her ears. Just wanted to thank you for your part with this wonderful new addition to our lives. We will continue pampering her the rest of her days. -the Griffin family

story32I was looking for a new companion and found Miss Kitty. How she was at the shelter as long as she was, I do not know–she had been there for a couple of months! Now she follows me everywhere, greets me at the door everyday, plays hide and seek and is overall the best companion!I highly recommend adopting from the shelter–they will be forever grateful and you will have a new found friend!-Kasey

story33We adopted Logan, a 9 month old black cat, about a year and a half ago. He is an amazing cat!  We named him Logan for his large teeth and claws–he’s a bit like a wolverine. When people see him, they say he looks like a small panther. We have a much smaller female tabby named Eva who was not so sure about him, but boy did he want to play with her! They now are buddies and chase each other up and down and all around our home. We have never laughed so hard! When she hides from him or is done playing, he wanders the house making owl-like sounds. I have never heard this noise from any cat before. They both snuggle with us every night. He has been such a blessing to our family. I sure am glad I walked into the shelter that day.-Thank you, the Jones family

story34Tova, Scott’s beloved service dog, ever faithful, died May 27th. Tova was 14, and had been at home on hospice care for several months, not able to walk without help. Recently Scott got his bike trailer fixed and was able to take Tova zooming through town, which he liked very much. Thank you to Patrick, our good vet/friend who came to be with us as Tova passed on.Tovarish Didelphid Wagster 1996-2010

story35My first visit to Animal Services was two weeks before Christmas, 2005. My wife wanted a black kitten desperately. We fell in love with Papito, a 6 month old kitten. A week later, we were eaten up with guilt for not adopting his brother also, so we went back, only to find he’d already found a home. There was another kitten pulling on our heartstrings though and we ended up taking home Persephone, a four month old, fuzzy gray ball of neuroses who had been at the shelter since she was only a few days old. As you can see, they’re best friends. They’ve adapted well to the two other kitties (also rescues) that we brought home over the last 5 years and are the undisputed rulers of the house.

A few years later, when we bought our first home in July 2009, we knew the first thing we wanted was a dog and we came straight to Animal Services. We ended up with Athena, a “lab and ?” puppy who was just 8 weeks old and left in the night drop by her prior owner. She’s perfect for us…just the right size and energy level, and you can see every day how happy she is just being home. This picture was taken Easter morning when she was about 7 months old.  She’s just celebrated her first birthday and we are looking into training her as a therapy dog for people in hospitals and nursing homes. Thank you for helping the animals with nowhere else to go!-Hillary

story362 years ago, we adopted Sampson, our shepherd/husky mix. He’s my jogging partner/protector, and our 3 boys love him! Lots of love and patience was all we needed to train him so he wasn’t the one walking us! He’s more of a family member than guard dog, but we know he’d protect us just as quickly as we’d protect him.  Thanks for helping us find the perfect doggy for our family!-The Merritt Family

story37We adopted our kitty from you in April and named her Pumpkin because of her roly poly tummy! She is the perfect kitty and can’t understand why she wasn’t adopted sooner. We are a lucky family! -The Halletts

story38I adopted two dogs–big brother Ben in 2001 when he was 8 months old–someone had moved out of their house and left the poor boy in the back yard. He and I connected right away and have developed the kind of close bond you can only get with a “pound pup.” Little sister Annie joined us when she was just a 9-week old playful girl. She has grown into a tall, athletic sweetheart, but she will always be my “little girl.” They both are doing great at the ages of 8 and 9 (almost 9 and 10 now!) and I cannot imagine life without them.

story39We adopted Bella in 2002. My mom secretly went and saw her without anyone else knowing. My mom then came back and got us and brought us to see her. There was a new puppy jumping around (her brother or sister) and we wanted that one because Bella was now sleeping in the back of the cage all by herself. Then my mom said it was that one in the back so brought her home and let her run around in our backyard trying to think of a name. Then we thought of my great-grandma’s lamb named Bella who we loved to pet and play with, so that is what we named her, Bella. She is the best dog ever. We love Bella! -Emma, age 11

story40I adopted this beautiful cat from you about a week ago. She is our pride and joy. I changed her name to Princess because that is truly what she is to us. She loves to sleep with her mama and she is still getting used to her two brothers, although they love her to death. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt her and bring her to our family. Wish I could adopt them all. Thank you, Tonnette

story41We got Peggy, a five month old kitten, and she’s adjusted beautifully to our home. We were looking for a companion for our other cat, Odin, who was lonely during the day with my partner and I constantly working. After only a couple of days, the two have grown quite comfortable with one another, and play almost constantly. It has been a great pairing, and we are grateful to the staff and volunteers at Animal Services for helping us to find her!Note: One of the reasons we chose Peggy was because she was the loudest, most obnoxious one in the room and turned a lot of people off. In just a few days, her temperament has mellowed, and while she does talk quite a bit, she’s more conversational than whiny. I urge anyone who is considering adopting to take a second look at the ones who put you off at first–very often the perfect pet is waiting to come out, if you just give them the chance.

story42I adopted Jasper in Feb, 1996. He was 6 months old and starving when he came to the animal shelter. He was the only cat that day that would approach my active 3 year old son. Jasper is turning 14 next month and has been diagnosed with cancer. This may be our last year together. I look forward to his old kitty meow every day.В  I am thankful that we found each other. He is and will always be my best friend. We have been through life together.-Debbie

story43We adopted Kali (then called Callie) in January 2009. She’s a border collie/retriever mix who is smart, loving, and full of energy and fun. Kali loves to go camping, chase frisbees, and perform tasks, such as taking the key out to the mail box, bringing in the mail and the newspaper, and carrying gardening tools. Her coat is now beautiful and shiny, and she has overcome her initial shyness around other animals and people. Since she enjoys herding, we hope to give her the opportunity to herd something besides us in the future! Thank you to the animal shelter staff and volunteers for all you do. -Judy & Don

story44I adopted Rufus in March of 2007. I so desperately wanted a companion who would be able to travel with me and visit with my elderly clients, if they so wished. Upon arriving at your shelter, I opened the door to the dog pens just as the door in the rear opened with two volunteers…and a small dog. And there he was…Rufus…trotting down the hallway with no clue as to what was going on or where he was. Almost 3 years later he is still the number one man in my life and is adored wherever we go. His goofy wild hair, quirky old man personality and endless terrier enthusiasm is loved by all. My cup runneth over… -Kelly

story45We said goodbye to our beautiful Nadya on Monday, April 6th, 2009. She had been a beloved member of our family since May 1995, when we adopted her. Of the six huskies we have had over the past 39 years, Nadya was the smartest and the sweetest, and always wanted to be near us. Many friends assumed we had named her after Nadia Comaneci, the first Olympic gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10. That was a good portent, but she was actually named in tribute to Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, whose spirit-filled violin concert we heard with the Seattle Symphony a few days before we brought Nadya home.-Gerry and Barbara

story46We adopted Diggy, a 10-week-old border collie/lab mix puppy, in 1996. She quickly became the center of our universe and made our family complete. Two years later, a cold and hungry little pit bull mix puppy showed up on our doorstep – we never found her owner and she joined our family. Diggy and Tommie became inseparable, Diggy assuming the momma dog role and taking care of little Tommie. I can’t imagine not having had the last 13 years with our girls. In January 2008, Diggy was diagnosed with diabetes. We give her two insulin injections every day and she is still very healthy. She never hides when it’s time for her shot. I honestly believe it’s an indication of the trust and love she has for us. While we have had to make slight adjustments to our lives – making sure one of us is home when it’s time for her shot and taking vacations/trips that she can go on with us – we wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. Tommie has developed allergies, and while it can be a little challenging to keep them both healthy, they are so worth the effort. They love us unconditionally and we them – unconditionally. Thank you for your tireless efforts to save these helpless animals and for placing Diggy in our care – she has truly brightened each and every day of the last 13 years of our lives.-Linda & Mike

story47Rukia arrived home last night around 6pm. We kept her in the carrier for awhile so she and my other ferret, Ginger, could sniff each other out safely. Well, neither approved of this and a cacophony of door rattling ensued. Since they seemed so insistent, I decided to let Rukia out. After a couple of minutes of sniffing and rolling around, they became best friends and adept partners in crime. Ginger has Rukia well-acquainted with all the hiding spots in the front room and she has already begun her own little stash of toys and other odds and ends. She is the friend Ginger needed and the extra amusement I needed! Have you ever seen two ferrets share a water bottle? It is so adorable–especially when one is half the size of the other. Thank you so much for the opportunity to give Rukia a forever home. She makes our silly family very complete!

story48story CiaraMost of our pets have come from Animal Services over the last 25 years and all of them have been exceptional. Buddy and Rocky are brothers that we adopted in 2001 as young adults. They were obviously attached to each other so we adopted both. They enjoy each other’s company as well as cuddling with us. In the spring of 2008, Ciara was a wonderful addition after losing our old male Dobie the previous year (Ciara was approximately 3 years old).В She is a fun and loving dog with a huge sense of play and need to cuddle, when she isn’t curled up on the couch or stretched out by the fire. Thanks, Animal Services, for being there–not only for the animals but for people who love animals.-Jewell and David

story50I adopted this wonderful black lab/great dane mix in fall of ’03 when he was about 3 months old. His name is Henry, but Mr. Stinky or Princess Twinkles also works! He was quite a challenge early on; he ate a the door jamb to our basement and raged through like a tornado, chased the mailman down the street, fell off a cliff in Bellingham, and had many other exciting adventures! But now, 5 years later, he a sweet, wonderful, well behaved dog…well, sort of well behaved! I’m so glad I found him–he was meant for me!-Adrienne West

story51I would just like you to know that a Blue-Heeler, German Shepherd mix dog we named “Laci” is doing fantastic! I’m sure you all will remember her as the one-eyed dog adopted this July. She’s accomplished many things, including becoming best friends with our three cats; watch-dog of the century; and completing dog training 101 at Petsmart. We love her and couldn’t have found a more perfect pet to blend into an already-blended family. Happy holidays to you all and let’s hope all of the animals you shelter find homes like ours and the love, care, companionship, and healthy life they all deserve!-Reuben

story52Thank you for our sweet little Pearly girl. We had been making weekly visits to the shelter after losing our beloved lab last summer to cancer. I saw an ad listed by Pearl’s foster home and stopped to see her–it was love at first sight! I called my husband crying, begging, pleading that she belonged with us and he said yes! We took all 6 kids to pick her up and she won all of them over instantly as well! She is sweet, adorable, spunky and spoiled! We just love her and thank you so much! She is right at home with all of new brothers and sisters! -The Krug Family

story53Hi. my Name is Tunguska Diamond– Tunguska for the rivers running in Siberia–as I just love the water! I’m getting along really great with my big brother Brock. He teaches me lots of stuff, like playing, wrestling and digging! I actually taught him something–how to jump up on his dog house and lie down up there.I can sit on command, am learning to lie down and this new thing brother is helping me with–dancing. Every morning I greet mom with my pink teddy bear in my mouth–she likes it and thinks it’s cute! I’m learning how to sing too.I just wanted to thank you for finding me ,”My Forever Home.”

story54We adopted Willow about a month and a half ago and are very happy. She is so wonderful and very sweet. It has been so much fun to see her grow and adjust to her new home. She is a fast learner and already knows sit and down and we are working on come and stay. Without the help of Animal Services, we would have never found her and we are so thankful to have her. Thank you! – the Van Ramsey Duseys

story55We are so thankful for your adoption program, as you brought Benny into our lives in April. He is 20 pounds of joy and we enjoy every second with him. Benny is spirited and energetic, yet loves to cuddle and snuggle on the couch when we are having some down time. He seems very happy with us, too – he loves that we take him to doggie day care at Fort Lewis while we are at work each day, so he gets to play with lots of other dogs and expend his energy; he also loves to hike with us all over the state. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and we can’t even imagine how such a great dog ended up at the shelter. Thank you for uniting good homes with the best of pets.-2LTs William and Kristen Johnson

story56I am so glad to have found Mattie in your shelter. I was finally ready to adopt another dog 2 years after losing one to cancer. I went to the shelter hoping to find a smaller male dog but fell for Mattie, a springer mix. She was so quiet when all the rest of the dogs were barking. She is such a good girl and she smiles all the time! You never know which animal is going to be the one for you–keep your heart open as you meet and greet them at the shelter. Thanks so much for my happy girl! -Lisa Ramirez

story57We adopted Remmy about 2 weeks ago and we just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him and him with us. He has adjusted well and we’re so pleased with him. He rode home great in the truck with us and laid down like a perfect gentleman. When we arrived at the house we walked him around the yard for a little while and then brought him inside. He walked in like he’d lived here his whole life.  He is very comfortable here and has already made his way into our oldest son’s room to sleep on the bed with him. He’s been great and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to adopt a shelter pet!-The Buckout Family

story57We adopted Remmy about 2 weeks ago and we just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him and him with us. He has adjusted well and we’re so pleased with him. He rode home great in the truck with us and laid down like a perfect gentleman. When we arrived at the house we walked him around the yard for a little while and then brought him inside. He walked in like he’d lived here his whole life.  He is very comfortable here and has already made his way into our oldest son’s room to sleep on the bed with him. He’s been great and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to adopt a shelter pet!-The Buckout Family

Miss Kitty, a loving cat, loves her new familyOne day after work, while visiting the shelter, I just wanted to hold one of the kittens. One of the volunteers took a little scrawny tabby kitten out of the cage for me to hold, while I looked at the adult cats. This little kitten began purring and lay on my shoulder as happy as can be. After about 45 minutes, another visitor said to me “Looks like you found the your kitten.” I realized I had become so attached to this little girl, I had no choice but to call her my new baby. She is now the most spoiled, awesome cat anyone could ever want. She sleeps in my arms at night, pats me with her paw when she wants something and insists I pet her until she falls asleep. -Charlie, Lisa, Wrinkles, and Little Missy

Would you like to see your adopted pet’s story here?  Please email a photo and brief story to our webmaster.  Be sure to let us know your pet’s name, when you adopted him/her from us, and whether you want your full name included in your pet’s story.
“Looks like you found the your kitten.” I realized I had become so attached to this little girl, I had no choice but to call her my new baby. She is now the most spoiled, awesome cat anyone could ever want. She sleeps in my arms at night, pats me with her paw when she wants something and insists I pet her until she falls asleep. -Charlie, Lisa, Wrinkles, and Little Missy