July 4th Pet Safety Tips

microchipping clinic
Microchipping clinic
Update:  The clinic was a big success, with about 60 dogs and cats getting microchipped and licensed.  A special thanks to Dr. Bruce Bell for performing the chipping and to all the volunteers who made the clinic run so smoothly! Animal Services is ...

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
June brings sunny skies, lazy school-free days...and kittens! Have you been thinking of adopting a cat?  Now is a great time!  Maybe adopt two together so they have someone to be "catty" with. Not able to adopt a cat, but would like to help?  ...

chip your pet
May is microchip your pet month!
Animal Services has been microchipping pets for adoption since 1992.  Chips are a great way to provide backup identification to pet licenses and we highly recommend the practice.  Many veterinarians provide microchipping for pets, so check with your ...

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Check out our new website!
We are so excited about our new website and hope you enjoy it too! Feel free to poke around, explore the pages and read Cal’s new blog. We’re still working out a few bugs, so we appreciate your patience.