We will be closed May 25th from 9:30am to 3:00pm due to technical difficulties.
We will still be answering phones and our animal receiving lobby will be open.

New Online Licensing Coming Soon!!!

Closing April 25th for Training
We will be closed on April 25th for training.  We will reopen on April 26th at 9:30am. Officers will be available to respond to emergencies and our receiving area will be open.

Closing for Training
Due to a staff training, Animal Services will be closed Wednesday, March 7, from 11:30-2:45 pm. Adoptions will stop at 11:00 am and resume when we reopen at 2:45 pm. While we are closed, our receiving kennels will be available for stray animals. ...

We Are Back Open!
We will be open Saturday 1/20/18 for adopting out and receiving dogs.  We have worked with experts at a veterinary university for guidance and testing.  After test results came back today we believe that the ill dog was an isolated case.

We are not accepting dogs at this time.
We are currently unable to take in dogs at this time.  We had a dog that was confirmed to have a contagious infection and more tests are pending.  We are under a 14 day quarantine for dogs currently at the shelter.  We are working on finding other ...

Closing for Event
Due to a special event we will be closed on Thursday October 19th from 12:00pm to 4:30pm. Adoptions stop at 11:00am and resume again at 4:30pm.  

Protecting your dog’s pads from hot pavement
The Dog Days of Summer are in full swing which means added precautions are necessary to protect our canine friends.  All responsible dog owners know to bring extra water to keep pets hydrated in the summer heat but a lot of us don’t think about how ...

Leash the ones you love
Now that warm weather and longer days have returned, it’s time to think outside our homes.  Most dogs love to go on walks and it’s good for them.  If you aren’t in a park that is posted “off leash,” your dogs should be on a leash.   It protects them from ...

SNAP Plant Sale Fundraiser
SNAP is having their annual Plant Sale Fundraiser this Saturday, May 27th in our front parking lot.  All proceeds go to spaying and neutering dogs and cats in Thurston county. This is for one day only so come on down and get some good plants at ...