Thank You

As the year comes to a close, we have been busy at Joint Animal Services. 2020 was an unprecedented year, giving us the opportunity to pivot and redefine services in light of COVID-19. Our shelter is bustling with lost and abandoned animals; pets are being reunited with their owners, and others finding loving homes and new beginnings in the New Year.

To all of the volunteers patiently waiting to return to the Shelter, we look forward to your return when it is safe to do so. We couldn’t do our work without your compassion and time.

To all current and new foster parents that stepped up to help us save more lives during the pandemic, we will be forever grateful.

Joint Animal Services is also incredibly thankful for the wonderful individuals and families who chose to adopt their new furry family member. We believe rescue animals are pure love.

To the individuals and businesses who donate to support the ongoing shelter operational needs, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.

Joint Animal Services is grateful to the wonderful community of veterinarians and clinics that continue their ongoing support and care of the animals who find themselves lost and without a home.

To our rescue partners, your ongoing support is at the core of our lifesaving efforts.

On behalf of the Joint Animal Services Commission, staff, and animals, we cannot thank everyone enough for their dedication and love for voiceless animals. I look forward to what 2021 will have in store.

With gratitude, Sarah Hock Executive Director