We have received calls from multiple people letting us know that within the past hour, they received a call from scammers pretending to be one of our Officers stating they found an injured animal and took in to “our” vet and need $$$ to pay for MRI, surgery, etc. The first caller said they needed $1249, to move forward with treatment. Thankfully both of these people realized this was a scam. Both of these people have missing animals, the first person’s cat went missing a year ago, and both offered rewards.
If you or someone you know receives a similar call, DO NOT pay them. Instead, call us at 360-352-2510 to see if we do have your animal.
Edit to add: We have a report of at least one new person getting a call. This time, the scammer gave the name of “Officer Jack Richardson” and gave a phone # 360-506-5420, but the caller id mirrored our front desk number. (Please note, this does not mean the scammer will use the same name/number on future calls.)